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New Jersey Online Horse Betting Sites & Promotions

What are the best sites and apps to place horse racing bets in New Jersey? We recommend 4NJBets and new Monmouth Bets app, a fixed odds betting site.

For online horse racing bettors in New Jersey, the site to place their wagers is 4NJBets, which is powered by TVG. Once an account is opened with TVG, players in New Jersey can wager on horse races from America and around the world via their computer, smartphone app, or via telephone. 4NJ Bets offers pari-mutuel wagering. Pari-mutuel wagering means all wagers are placed into a common pool and payouts come from that pool. It is also referred to as the tote or tote board, which shows all the various prices and poll amounts at the track and on TV or the app.

Payout odds are determined by the amount of money put onto each horse, and not by any sports book. The odds change on each horse depending on how much action (money) comes in on each horse. When you watch, you will see the odds changing in the lead up to any race on 4NJ Bets. 

That can be good for bettors if they are wagering their money on a horse with longer odds, and that horse then comes in the money (first, second, or third).

All wagers placed online at are put into the same pool as wagers taken in-person at the various tracks.

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NJ Horse Racing Betting Sites
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