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Futures and Teasers Bets in New Jersey

What are the best sites for future bets and teasers in NJ? In our list, FanDuel, Caesars, and BetRivers are the sportsbooks for this type of online bet on NBA, MLB, NHL, and more sports. Check out current offers.

Fanatics Sportsbook App
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BetMGM New Jersey
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bet365 Sportsbook
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Sporttrade NJ
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BetRivers Sportsbook
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Borgata Sportsbook
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Caesars Sportsbook
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Golden Nugget Sportsbook
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Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook
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How New Jersey Future Bets Work

A future book wager is an opportunity for sports bettors to make a big score from a small stipend. But in order to do so, it’s going to require a bit of luck and a heaping helping of patience.

A future bet is just what it portends to be – a wager on some event for which the outcome won’t be known until well into the future. In some instances, the wait can be a short period of time. Four days until the end of a golf tournament, for instance, or a week or two in the case of a tennis event. On many occasions, though, a future bet can take months to be declared a winner. A good example of this would be making a preseason beat in March on which MLB team will win the World Series, which is rarely decided prior to November. 

Types Of Future Bets

Certainly, the most common and well-known type of future book wagering is done on league championship winners. It could be the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup, the NBA Finals, the NCAA Tournament or the College Football Playoff. 

There are also variables within these wagers that can be played. Bettors can wager on conference winners, for example, or divisional winners. In the case of March Madness, bettors can also wager on whether a school will reach the Final Four stage of the tournament.

There are yes/no future players on whether or not a club will qualify for the playoffs. Team win totals are another popular future book play. Each team in a league is assigned a season win totals. Odds are assigned to the over and under on this team and bettors wager according to which side of that ledger they figure the team will be finishing the campaign.

Sports held every four years such as the World Cups of rugby, cricket and soccer, or the Olympic Games, offer numerous future bet options. Odds are provided on which country will win the most medals and the most gold medals at the Olympics. Each event within the Olympics also provides a future play. In World Cup action, future wagering is offered on Group Stage winners, even on the teams that will finish last in each group.

Individual future book wagers can be played on the leading scorer in a tournament such as the World Cup, or in the NHL or NBA regular season. Award winners are also popular plays. It could be the NFL MVP, the MLB Cy Young Award, or the NHL’s Vezina Trophy, for instance. 

An Example Of A Future Bet

At BetMGM, New Jersey hockey bettors can wager on the New Jersey Devils to win the Stanley Cup. When we checked, those odds were set at +2000. The Devils were also at +1000 to win the NHL’s Eastern Conference title.

BetMGM was also offering an NHL futures bet on which country would be home to the 2022-23 Stanley Cup champion. The USA was the -500 odds-on favorite.

How Teaser Bets Work

A teaser can be a pleaser, but it can just as easily turn out to be a tormentor. Teaser bets are cousins to the parlay, a low-risk, high-return wager, albeit one with a slim percentage chance of coming in as a winner.

Ah, but when they do, what a payday they do create. Like parlays, teasers must be played in multiples. A minimum of two wagers need to be combined when putting together a teaser play. 

The main difference between a teaser and a parlay is that with a teaser, the bettor can adjust the odds. For instance, suppose the New York Jets are 3-point underdogs at the Miami Dolphins. On a teaser play, a bettor could choose to adjust, or tease those odds, say to Jets +9. This is creating a much better chance for a play on the underdog Jets to cash. However, in return, the odds offered on this wager will decrease significantly once the betting line is teased to the new number.  

This is the tradeoff that the bettor makes when teasing a wager. The increased chance of hitting a winning play is weighted against the reduced juice that will be paid out on the bet. 

Teasing Made Easy

Recognizing the popularity of teaser bets, many online sportsbooks are offering alternate point spreads on almost every football and basketball wager. This makes playing teasers much easier, since players can shop through the lines of alternate point spreads to put together a custom teaser bet. Lines generally are moving in increments of one-half a point.

For example, at the BetRivers New Jersey sportsbook, on a Washington Commanders vs Philadelphia Eagles NFL game, bettors could tease the point spread on the Commanders from +11.5 points all the way up to +24.5 points.

At +11.5 points, Washington was offering -115 odds. However, by teasing the point spread up to +24.5, the line in this betting market shortens to -590. At -115, the payout on a $10 wager would be $18.70. At -590, that same $10 bet would be offering a return of just $11.69.

On Which Sports Can Teasers Be Played?

Among the four major North American sports, basketball and football are the two sports upon which New Jersey online sports betting sites will be offering teaser betting. 

In the case of baseball runlines and hockey pucklines, the line is almost always the same – either plus or minus 1.5. There aren’t the variables in lines that are seen between teams competing on the basketball court or the football field.

Teasers are also cousins of the parlay in that all legs of a teaser bet must successfully come in if the teaser is to be paid out as a winner. That being the case, the more legs that are added to a teaser bet, the less likely that it is the bet is going to be cashing for the player.