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The Best NJ Sportsbook for Prop Bets

Looking for the prop bets today for NBA, college football, and NFL? Visit betMGM, Caesars, and bet365 NJ. They are the top sites for prop bets markets (also for Monday Football Night games), odds, and promotional offers.

Today’s Prop Bets Offers for New Jersey

How New Jersey Prop Bets Work

There are theories that the prop (or proposition bet) is in the process of replacing daily fantasy sports as the go-to play for people. Prop bets are clearly a popular way to wager on sports, because in some cases, no knowledge of sports whatsoever is necessary to hit on a prop bet.

A prop bet is a wager on a specific outcome during the course of a sporting event. It can be game-related, such as total goals by an NHL player in a game or season, or perhaps total rebounds by an NBA player in a game or season. Baseball props offer such wagering opportunities as pitcher strikeout totals and player to hit a home run. Football props include carries by a running back and interceptions thrown by a quarterback. 

For those not inclined to closely follow sports, but who still enjoy putting a wager down on the game, Super Bowl props were made for you. Such items as whether the coin toss will be heads or tails, what will be the color of sports drink dumped over the head of the winning coach and over/under on the length of the national anthem are perfect examples of non-game related prop bets.

Several online betting sites will provide dedicated links that take bettors directly to the selection of available player props in each day’s games. 

BetRvers Prop Bets NJ

Live Betting Player Props

Live or in-play betting is all the rage with mobile sports betting apps, and many of the popular in-play wagers are versions of player and team prop bets.

For instance, at Bet365 (besides promo code) they offer such prop wagers as part of their live betting on basketball as player rebounds, steals, turnovers, blocks, assists, points and threes made. In-play team props include quarter margin of victory, quarter winning margin, total points scored by a specific team and team to score point “x” in a game.

In the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, or rally any major soccer league around the world, you can bet on specific players to score the first, last, or be an any time goal scorer, as well as wagering whether a player might score two or three goals in a game.

Combining Props Into A One-Game Parlay

One-game, or same-game parlays are the latest popular trend in the online sports betting industry. At BetMGM, New Jersey bettors can combine prop bets into a one-game parlay play. In fact, BetMGM NJ sportsbook app will even assemble pre-made one-game parlay wagers that save bettors the legwork of putting several legs together to form their own parlay card.

At Caesars Sportsbook NJ, there are a number of different prop bets that can be included as a leg of a same-game parlay. Football options include over/unders on passing, rushing and/or receiving yardage, or who will score the game’s first touchdown. Among the team props available are totals by half or quarter. In a baseball same-game parlay, bettors can include a player to hit a home run, over/under on player runs, hits and/or RBI. NBA options feature player props on double-doubles, and over/unders on points, assists, and/or rebounds.