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bet365 NJ Sportsbook

Bet365 NJ sportsbook review: Early payout offers, in-play bets and bonuses

Bet365 stands out in New Jersey’s online sportsbook scene with a broad spectrum of sports and betting markets, covering popular American leagues to international tournaments. Let’s explore how this platform stacks up against other sites, with examples from real sporting events.

bet365 Sportsbook NJ Welcome Bonus

New customers joining the bet365 NJ online sportsbook can get up to 150 in bet credits. To claim this bonus, use code USB365 and bet at least $10 to qualify for the promotion. New Jersey, 21+ – 2024. Terms apply.

Major American Sports

Whether it’s the MLB World Series, the excitement of the NBA Finals, the nail-biting moments of the NFL Super Bowl, or the drama of the NCAA March Madness, bet365 ensures bettors have diverse options throughout these major seasons. This level of coverage stands shoulder to shoulder with other NJ sportsbooks like DraftKings and FanDuel.

International Coverage

Bet365 truly shines with its international sports coverage. For soccer fans, you can place bets on the Premier League’s high-profile matches such as Manchester United vs. Liverpool, or predict the UEFA Champions League’s winner. For tennis enthusiasts, every major Grand Slam event like the Wimbledon finals is covered. This comprehensive global sports coverage sets bet365 apart from its competitors in the NJ market, most of which focus primarily on American sports.

Unique Sports & Betting Odds

Bet365’s betting market depth is another standout feature. You can bet on traditional markets like moneylines, point spreads, and totals, or explore more unique options like futures, prop bets, and in-play betting. For example, during the NBA season, you could bet on the next team to score, the player with the most points, or the final score margin. This level of betting variety and complexity often exceeds that of other NJ sportsbooks.

Bet365 is known for the wide variety of sporting selections and betting odds that they deliver. The massive amount of betting markets offered on their site should satisfy any bettor. Bet365 isn’t the prettiest site, though, so if aesthetics are important to you, they might not be the site for your betting needs. 


Bet365 NJ sportsbook offers 10-minute totals on NHL games, where bettors can play the anticipated total goals to be scored during a 10-minute segment of any game. There are quarter, half, and full game totals offered on pro and college football and basketball. Tennis bettors can wager on total games in each set.


Online sportsbook Bet365 offers draw no bet moneylines. With this wager, players get a favorite and underdog moneyline on an EPL match between Brighton & Hove Albion (-120) and Wolverhampton Wanderers (+150). Should the match end in a draw, the bet is considered a push and all stakes are refunded to the players. 


A multi-sport parlay offer is accessible 24/7 at Bet365 sportsbook NJ. This boost is available on any boxing and MMA bouts, plus top leagues worldwide for football, basketball, hockey and baseball. There’s up to a 70% bonus for successful parlays. Leagues available include the NFL, NCAAF, CFL, NBA, WNBA, NCAAB, NHL, MLB, plus Japan and Korea pro baseball. 


The Bet365 prop library is massive. On every NBA game, there are player props on player points, assists, rebounds, blocks, steals, turnovers, threes made, points and rebounds, points and assists, assists and rebounds, points, assists and rebounds and steals and blocks.


There are numerous future book wager options available at bet365 sports betting site. For instance, NFL bettors can choose to wager on division, conference and Super Bowl winner, as well as individual team win totals and playoff yes or no calls. Baseball futures include World Series, pennant and division winners, as well as regular season and World Series MVP.


NJ’s Bet365 makes teasing a bet a breeze for sportsbook players. They provide ready-to-use teaser cards on their site. These are set at a base of four-point teasers. However, they can be revised to any half-point between four and 10 points in order to build the teaser card of a player’s preference.  

Fast Deposits & Easy Withdrawals

For depositing, bet365 supports multiple methods including Visa, Mastercard, online banking, PayPal, Skrill, Cash – Casino Cage, and PayNearMe. This broad spectrum ensures convenience and flexibility for users according to their preferences and needs.

When it comes to withdrawals, bet365 has kept the process straightforward and user-friendly. Users can withdraw their earnings via VIP Preferred (ACH/e-Check), online bank transfer, or PayPal. These methods have been chosen to offer swift and secure withdrawals, making it easier for you to enjoy your winnings. Trust in bet365’s commitment to providing quick, easy, and secure transaction methods.

bet365 NJ Betting App: Useful Features We Like

The ‘In-Play Betting’ feature on NJ’s bet365 app offers real-time odds for ongoing games, perfect for live-action betting. The ‘Search Bar’ also helps bettors quickly find their preferred sport or betting market.

bet365 sportsbook NJ

The bet 365 sports book also showcases an innovative ‘Live In Game’ section. Bettors can keep tabs on live sporting events with an informative table showing current updates and odds. Complementing this, a state-of-the-art graphic displays the field of play, tracking the ball’s movement, the direction of an attack, or instances of fouls. In short, bet365 NJ provides a compelling and user-friendly platform for your sports betting activities.

New Jersey’s sportsbook bet365 offers patrons many good and really useful betting tools. Two of these are the in-play betting and the search bar function to quickly find a sport or betting market. They are really cool.

The ‘Live In Game’ section of the bet365 NJ app stands out, offering real-time updates on live sports events. This feature provides updated odds, clear tables, and intricate graphics to display key game details like ball position or fouls.

In-Play Betting & Streaming with bet365 New Jersey

There are a wealth of in-play betting options available for eligible customers at bet365 sports book NJ app. You can place bets on games that are taking place right now (in-play odds are often better than many other betting apps offer): the odds are updated as the game progresses, which is crucial when placing live bets on NFL and MLB.

Bet365 sportsbook also offers in-play features like match trackers and live streams. To get started, tap the Live In-Game tab to bring up all sports currently running or due to run. Another good feature that we found at bet365 is that the app provides a schedule where you can view all upcoming live betting markets, and the schedule lists games that offer a live stream too. 

With in-play betting at bet365 Sportsbook, you can place wagers on games as they happen. Unlike fixed odds markets, in-play betting changes depending on the course of the game. For example, an NFL team who started at +300 may drop to -110 if they race into a 20-point lead. 

In addition, the bet365 app NJ offers live streaming on selected sports and games. Just tap the “Streaming” icon to bring up all in-play betting markets with live video. It is free to watch live videos on bet365, but you will need to be logged in to access them. 

Alternatively, you can follow the graphic visualizer on selected sports at sportsbook bet365 NJ. This is a visual display showing real-time stats on the game, including score, shots, and possession. 

Cash Out Options

You can place bets at any point after the odds have been updated. In addition, with 365 Sportsbook, you cash out some in-play bets and settle early for a profit. 

The bet365 NJ app recently added live event stats to its in-game betting services. You can click or tap on the graph icon to bring up instant event data, forms and, scores on any game. You can also customize the view on screen. 

How Does the bet365 Early Payout Offer Work?

The bet365 online sportsbook offers New Jersey players this excellent functionality – Early Payout on NFL games. It guarantees a payout if the team you back races into a huge lead. Best of all, you can use the Early Payout deal on all NFL games and the Super Bowl. 

This deal is only available to bet365 NJ-based sports betting customers aged 21 or over. There are also a few betting restrictions for Early Payout games. 

To claim the Early Payout incentive, you must place a real-money pre-game bet on one of two markets: Moneyline or match result (3-way). That Moneyline is a 2-way bet on the winner of the game (favorite or underdog). The 3-way bet includes a draw as one of the outcomes. 

If your team manages to secure a 17-point lead, online sportsbook bet365 NJ will pay out early as if the team had already won. It doesn’t make a difference what the final score ends up being. 

You can also get an Early Payout on parlay bets at bet365 website. So, if one of your parlay picks also races into a 17-point lead, the leg will be classed as a win. You’ll still have to wait to see if your remaining parlay legs come good. 

There are one or two restrictions with regard to bet365 betting. For instance, you can’t use the Cash Out function in full and also claim the Early Payout. In addition, if you use Edit Bet after the start of a game to include an in-play bet, the Early Payout offer is ineligible. 

The Early Payout option is also available for other sports on the site, which makes bet365 maybe the most valuable sports betting app of all in the Garden State.

Bet365 Baseball Early Payout Offer: Secure Your Winnings Before the Game Ends

Bet365 is enhancing your baseball betting experience with the Baseball Early Payout Offer. This feature allows your straight bets to be paid out if the team you back leads by 5 runs during the game, regardless of the final outcome.

How Does It Work?

To qualify, place a pre-game bet on the Money Line market for any game in MLB (including the All-Star game), Japan NPB and Korean KBO before Sunday, December 31, 2024. If the team you’ve backed leads by 5 runs at any stage during the game, your bet is considered won and paid out in full.

The same rule applies to both parlays and Same Game Parlays. If a team you’ve supported takes a 5-run lead, Bet365 will immediately mark that particular selection as a win in your ‘My Bets’ section. Meanwhile, the other selections in your parlay will remain active.

Key Terms & Conditions

Only new and eligible customers can access the Baseball Early Payout Offer. This offer covers pre-game straight bets and parlays placed on the Money Line market for specific baseball games. The offer won’t apply if you’ve fully Cashed Out your bet. However, if you’ve partially Cashed Out and your team then takes a 5-run lead, Bet365 will settle the remaining active portion of your bet.

Bet365 Multi-Sport Parlay Bonus: Up to 70% Boost on Winning Bets

Bet365 offers an exciting Multi-Sport Parlay Bonus, providing up to 70% in extra winnings for successful parlays. This bonus applies to a wide range of sports, including MMA, NFL, NBA, NHL, and Baseball across several leagues worldwide.

Eligibility & Usage

To qualify, place a pre-game parlay bet consisting of 2 or more selections from the listed leagues and competitions on applicable 2-Way markets. If your bet is successful, you’ll receive a cash bonus, ranging from 5% to 70% based on the number of selections in your parlay. This bonus is paid as cash and directly added to your withdrawable balance.

Bonus Structure

The bonus percentage corresponds to the number of legs in your parlay, starting with a 5% bonus for 2-leg parlays and peaking at a 70% bonus for 14-leg parlays and above.

Key Terms & Conditions

Only new and eligible customers can avail of this offer. The maximum bonus that can be received is $150,000. Parlay Bonus does not apply to bets placed on alternative line/spread/totals markets, bets placed with Bonus Bets, fixed odds Parlay Cards, Teasers, or combination bets with bonuses. Note that terms changed on January 13, 2024, restricting Boxing selections from qualifying for this offer.

bet365 NJ sportsbook review

Multi-Sport Parlay Bets at Bet 365 NJ: Boost Profits

The bet365 sportsbook app has a range of parlay bonuses for real-money customers in New Jersey. The Multi-Sport Parlay Bonus is available in professional leagues such as football and hockey. It’s easy to claim, and you could benefit from a profit boost worth up to 70%. 

To claim the Multi-Sport Parlay Bonus, you must place a pre-game parlay with at least two selections. Eligible markets include the point spread, totals (O/U), first-half-read, and second-half-read. You can bet on NFL or college football, CFL, the NBA, WNBA, and college basketball. If you want to include a second-half total (O/U), bet, you can choose from NFL, CFL, NBA, NCAAF, WNBA, or NCAAB. 

If your parlay wins, you will earn a profit boost of between five and 70 percent. The boost depends on the number of legs in your parlay. For example, you’ll get a five percent bonus for a two-leg parlay, 10% for three, and 15% for four. You can secure a 70% bonus if your parlay contains 14 or more legs. 

In addition, there is a maximum return you can claim from your bet365 NJ parlay bonus. You can win up to $150,000 for a successful parlay. Your parlay will be ineligible if you cashed out in full on one of your parlay legs. 

Your bet365 parlay bonus won’t apply to some markets, such as Alternative Line or Alternative Spread. You also can’t use free bet tokens awarded by bet365 NJ to claim your Multi-Sport Parlay Bonus. 

You can find similar MLB parlay bet offer with Caesars. Check out this guide to joining Betway parlay club.

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