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Best Deposit and Withdrawal Methods for NJ Online Casinos 2024 

When choosing an online casino, it is crucial to consider the payment options available. The best casinos in New Jersey support numerous instant, fee-free deposit methods and process withdrawals quickly and efficiently via several secure methods.  

This article presents the most popular payment methods at New Jersey casinos. We introduce e-wallets, debit and credit cards, bank transfers, and a few other methods, explaining the pros and cons of each.  

We then recommend the best New Jersey casino apps to use these payment methods to ensure seamless and secure transactions as you play your favorite online casino games.  

Supported payment methods at NJ casinos  

When you play at online casinos in New Jersey, you can transact via numerous payment methods, depending on your preferences.  

Thankfully, practically all online casino betting sites in New Jersey do not attach fees to deposits and withdrawals. If you opt for a bank transfer, your bank may attach fees when you deposit and withdraw funds at some casinos, so bear this in mind.  

Below is an overview of the different payment methods supported at the most prominent online casinos in New Jersey and a summary of why you might favor each option.  

Banking methods NJ online casinos

Debit and credit cards  

The easiest way to add funds to your online casino account in New Jersey is to use a debit or credit card. Simply head to the casino’s cashier page and enter your card details as if you are completing any other online purchase.  

This method is easy, safe, and secure, and means the money will be transferred directly from your bank account. NJ casinos accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express as standard, while some also accept Discover.  

Note that all debit and credit card deposits are instant, but withdrawing this way can take up to three or five days at some online casinos. Also, if you use a credit card instead of a debit card, you can’t usually process a withdrawal this way. 

E-wallets & bank account alternatives  

Another excellent option for fast transacting at online casinos is an e-wallet. PayPal is accepted at practically all online casinos in New Jersey, and you can transfer funds instantly and without fees via this long-established method.  

Venmo is another e-wallet method supported by some online casinos, but it’s not as widely available as PayPal. You can also use e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller to process your deposits, but these aren’t as widely available as PayPal.  

Play+ is also a viable transaction method at casino websites in New Jersey. If you’re new to this method, Play+ is an FDIC-insured reloadable account that makes playing at numerous online casinos and resorts easy and safe.  

The best thing about using an e-wallet is that all deposits are instant, and withdrawals are typically quicker than other banking casino methods, arriving in your account in 24 or 48 hours.  

Bank transfers  

Though more convenient ways exist to transact at an online casino, a bank transfer is a tried-and-tested method accepted at most NJ betting sites. 

You can enter the casino’s bank details into your online banking app and specify how much you want to transfer to your account.  

Though this method is highly secure, the main issue is that deposits aren’t always instant, resulting in gameplay delays. Moreover, withdrawals usually take longer; you might wait more than five days to receive your winnings.   

Mobile payments  

Given that so many Americans play casino games on smartphones and tablets, it makes sense for online casinos to support mobile payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay.  

This is a super convenient way to deposit funds while playing at online casinos, and it doesn’t require you to enter any details.   

Just be mindful that, in most cases, you cannot withdraw funds via Apple or Google Pay. You must switch to a bank transfer or enter your debit card details to access any winnings.  

Check or eCheck  

An eCheck is a digital version of a paper check and is a secure way to transact at an online casino. It works similarly to a bank transfer, but it’s usually quicker, with most casinos processing deposits on the same day with the help of a third-party payment processor.  

If you’re looking for a traditional way to transact at an online casino, many NJ betting sites such as betMGM and bet365 let you receive your winnings as paper checks. However, you will have to wait at least a week to receive the check in the mail, which is certainly not a convenient option. 

The best NJ casino payment methods in 2024  

Now that you know the payment methods supported at online casinos in New Jersey, it’s time to look at the best online casinos for each of the most prominent methods.  

In this section, we introduce the most convenient ways to transact at New Jersey online casinos and reveal the pros and cons of each method. We also review the key terms attached to each payment method at New Jersey’s leading sportsbook sites.  

Casinos accepting American Express  

American Express is one of the most widely used credit cards in the United States and a convenient and secure way to transact at online NJ casinos. Though it’s not as widely accepted at casinos as Visa and Mastercard, the fact that you can earn Membership Rewards when using this banking method to gamble is attractive.  

✅Earn Membership Rewards when you deposit via Amex at online casinos  

✅All AMEX deposits are instant and without fees  

✅AMEX is supported at many of the highest-rated casinos in New Jersey  

❌You can’t typically withdraw funds with your American Express card  

Casino  Min deposit  Deposit time  Min withdrawal  Withdrawal time  Fees 
BetMGM  $10  Instant  $20  1-3 days  0%  
Borgata  $5  Instant  N/A  N/A 0%  
Wheel of Fortune  $10  Instant  $10  1-3 days  0%  
Party Casino $10  Instant  N/A N/A 0%  
Golden Nugget  $10  Instant  N/A N/A  0%  

Casinos accepting Mastercard  

If you have a bank-issued Mastercard, you can use it to add funds to your online casino account in the Garden State. Mastercard deposits are fast, instant, and secure, offering a no-hassle deposit method at online casinos.  

✅Mastercard payments are supported at practically all New Jersey casinos and sportsbooks  

✅Withdrawals via Mastercard are relatively quick, usually processed in 1-3 days  

✅No NJ casino charges fees to use Mastercard as a payment method  

❌Though widely accepted and convenient, Mastercard withdrawals are slower than e-wallet transactions  

Casino Min deposit Deposit time  Min withdrawal  Withdrawal time  Fees  
BetMGM  $10  Instant  $20  Five days  0%  
Wheel of Fortune  $10  Instant  $10  1-3 days  0%  
BetRivers  $10  Instant  N/A N/A 0%  
PlayStar  $10  Instant  $10  1-5 days  0%  
Bet365  $10  Instant  $10  1-5 days  0% 

Casinos that take Visa deposits

Visa is widely accepted, extremely secure (thanks to Verified by Visa), and comes without additional fees. You can use a Visa card to load your casino account just like you use it to complete any other online transaction. 

✅Like Mastercard, Visa is accepted at practically all online casinos in the Garden State  

✅You can link your Visa card to Apple or Google Pay to facilitate instant mobile deposits at many casinos  

✅You won’t be charged any fees for using your Visa card at New Jersey casinos  

❌Some casinos take up to five business days to process Visa card withdrawals  

Casino Min deposit Deposit time  Min withdrawal  Withdrawal time  Fees  
Borgata  $5  Instant  $10  24 hours  0% 
BetMGM  $10  Instant  $20  Five days  0%  
Wheel of Fortune  $10  Instant  $10  1-3 days 0% 
PlayStar  $10  Instant  $10  1-5 days  0%  
Bet365  $10 Instant  $10  1-5 days  0% 

NJ Casinos With Play+  

Play+ is an innovative reloadable card you can deposit and play at the leading NJ casinos and slot sites and resorts, including BetMGM casino and BetRivers. It’s an excellent way to control the amount you spend at casinos and can help with responsible gambling.  

✅Play+ is a safe and innovative payment method designed explicitly for casino play 

✅This method helps you to control your spending and gamble responsibly  

✅All Play+ deposits are instant and fee-free  

❌You need to specifically set up a Play+ account to transact via this method, and it can only be used for casino, resort, and lottery transactions  

Casino Min deposit Deposit time  Min withdrawal  Withdrawal time  Fees  
BetMGM  $10  Instant  $20  2-5 days  0%  
Party Casino $10  Instant  $10  24 hours  0%  
Golden Nugget  $10  Instant  $10  Instant  0%  
BetRivers $10  Instant  $10  1-2 days  0%  
PlayStar  $10  Instant  $10  1-4 days  0%  

eCheck and online casinos

Faster than paper checks and less expensive than credit card transactions for casinos, eChecks are a great way to transact. Many casinos in New Jersey accept eChecks, and it’s a fast and convenient way to add funds to your account balance. 

✅eChecks are much more convenient than using paper checks but help to leave an online “paper” trail if this is your preferred transaction method  

✅Many online casinos in New Jersey accept eCheck deposits and withdrawals without charging fees  

✅eCheck deposits are usually instant  

❌Most eCheck withdrawals take between three and five days to reach your account 

Casino Min deposit Deposit time  Min withdrawal  Withdrawal time  Fees  
PlayStar  $10  Instant  $10  1-5 days  0%  
Caesars Palace  $10  Instant  $10  3-5 days  0%  
DraftKings  $5 Instant  No minimum  3-5 days  0%  
PokerStars  $10  Instant  $10  1-3 days  0%  
Golden Nugget  $20  Instant  $20  Two days  0%  

Casino Bank Transfer  

Depositing funds at an online casino via a bank transfer is straightforward. Note the casino’s bank details and enter them into your online banking app to facilitate payment. The main issue with this method is the time it takes for deposits and withdrawals, and you should also note that some banks may charge fees.  

✅A bank transfer is a safe and secure way of adding funds to your casino account, as you can facilitate a direct transfer via your banking app  

✅Some online casinos partner with providers like Trustly to process bank transfers instantly and without fees  

✅If you want to make a big initial deposit or a significant withdrawal, bank transfers are a good option  

❌Bank transfers are the slowest deposit and withdrawal method at online casinos. Deposits can take up to 24 hours to show in your account, while withdrawals often take more than five days  

Casino Min deposit Deposit time  Min withdrawal  Withdrawal time  Fees  
FanDuel  $10  24 hours  $10  2-4 days  0% 
BetMGM  $10  24 hours  $20  5-8 days  May apply  
DraftKings  $100  Instant  No minimum  3-5 days  May apply  
Bally $10  Instant  Unspecified 24 hours  0%  
Tipico  None  24 hours  $10  2-10 days  0%  

NJ casinos with Skrill  

Skrill is a widely accepted e-wallet payment method at NJ casinos, offering an alternative to PayPal and Venmo. We like Stardust NJ, one of the newer apps that accept Venmo. Deposits and withdrawals are fast and fee-free, but often, you cannot access bonuses when depositing with Skrill, so bear this in mind.  

✅Skrill is a convenient way to deposit funds into your online casino account instantly  

✅All Skrill deposits are processed without additional fees   

✅Skrill withdrawals are fast, usually arriving in your account within 24 or 48 hours  

❌Due to money laundering regulations, some online casinos prohibit you from accessing bonuses if you transact with Skrill  

Casino Min deposit Deposit time  Min withdrawal  Withdrawal time  Fees  
Bet365  $10  Instant  $10  1-2 days  0%  
Party Casino  $10  Instant  N/A N/A 0%  
BetMGM  $10  Instant  $20  2-3 days  0% 
Betway $10  Instant  $10  2-3 days  0%  
Tipico  $10  Instant  $10  Instant  0%  

Apple Pay & Gambling Sites

Depositing with Apple Pay makes sense when you play slots at NJ casinos on your iPhone or iPad. You can link several cards to your Apple Pay account, making selecting your preferred payment method from your phone easy. The drawback here is that casinos don’t typically accept Apple Pay withdrawals.  

✅If you regularly play at mobile casinos in New Jersey, Apple Pay is an excellent option for instant, seamless deposits  

✅You can link numerous cards to your Apple Pay account, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express  

✅No fees are added to Apple Pay deposits  

❌You can’t usually withdraw via Apple Pay and will need to enter your card details or request a bank transfer to access your winnings  

Casino Min deposit Deposit time  Min withdrawal  Withdrawal time  Fees  
Borgata  $5  Instant  N/A N/A 0%  
BetMGM  $10  Instant  N/A N/A 0%  
Party Casino  $10  Instant  N/A N/A  0%  
Wheel of Fortune  $10  Instant  N/A N/A  0%  
Bet365  $10  Instant  N/A N/A 0% 

PayPal Casino Deposits

We found that most online casinos in New Jersey offer PayPal as a payment method. All PayPal deposits are instant and fee-free, and you can usually access your funds within 24 hours, making this an ideal method.  

✅PayPal is the world’s most popular e-wallet and is widely accepted at most NJ casinos  

✅PayPal deposits are processed instantly without fees  

✅You can typically access PayPal withdrawals within 24 hours  

❌If you hold numerous currencies in your PayPal account and play at casinos with USD, CAD, EUR, and others, you won’t receive the best exchange rate from PayPal  

Casino Min deposit Deposit time  Min withdrawal  Withdrawal time  Fees  
BetMGM  $10  Instant  $20  2-3 days  0% 
Borgata  $5  Instant  $10  24 hours  0%  
Wheel of Fortune  $10  Instant  $10  1-2 days  0%  
BetRivers  $10 Instant  $10  1-2 days  0%  
PlayStar  $10  Instant  $10  1-2 days  0%  

Venmo and NJ Online Casinos

Though Venmo isn’t as widely available at online casinos as PayPal and Skrill, this is likely to change soon, such is the popularity of the peer-to-peer payment method in the US. Still, a handful of online casinos in the Garden State support Venmo transactions, so it’s a viable method if you sign up for one of the casinos below.  

✅Like PayPal, Venmo is a popular e-wallet that offers instant deposits at online casinos  

✅You won’t be charged any fees for depositing with Venmo  

✅Venmo withdrawals are usually processed instantly and should be in your account in 24-48 hours  

❌Venmo is not yet widely accepted at New Jersey casinos, but expect this to change as more casinos add this as a payment method  

Casino Min deposit Deposit time  Min withdrawal  Withdrawal time  Fees  
FanDuel  $10  Instant  N/A N/A 0%  
Caesars Palace  $10  Instant  $10  1-2 days  0%  
Borgata  $5  Instant  $10  1-3 days  0%  
BetMGM  $10  Instant  $10  1-2 days  0%  
BetRivers  $10  Instant  $10  1-3 days  0%  

Which method is best: our opinion

There are numerous ways to transact at online casinos in New Jersey and sites for playing real money slots, from debit and credit cards to e-wallets. While American Express, Visa, and Mastercard are convenient, we recommend e-wallet transactions like PayPal, Skrill, and Venmo as your best options.  

E-wallet deposits at online casinos are always instant and fee-free, while withdrawals are typically much faster than cards and bank transfers, landing in your account in 1-2 days.  

Regardless, you can use each payment method introduced above at the most popular online casinos in New Jersey for safe and secure transactions.