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Top Sites And Betting Experts For Free Picks And Predictions For NJ Players

The Beatles got by with a little help from their friends. When you wager on sports in New Jersey, you can get your bets down a little more confidently with the help of these friends.

We’ve done the leg work and gathered up the best online sports betting prognosticating sites accessible to New Jersey sports bettors, along with highlighting each site’s top betting expert.

8 Best Sites for Free Betting Picks and Predictions For New Jersey

  • BettingPros – Free Best for NFL Picks
  • Pickswise – Best for Daily Picks
  • Sportsbook Review (SBR) – Best for Expert Analysis
  • OddsChecker – Best for Variety of Sports
  • Covers – Best for Historical Data and Insight
  • Action Network – Best for Comprehensive Betting Reviews and Coverage
  • Sports Betting Dime – Best for Free Sports Picks
  • – Best for Veteran Insights

Not only will they help you with your picks, each of these sites offers analysis as to which legal and regulated sports betting sites in New Jersey are the best places to place your bets.


BettingPros, launched in 2018 and part of the FantasyPros network, provides betting tips, picks, and predictions for football, basketball, soccer, golf, and MMA. It has over 18,000 followers, with Matt Perrault, host of the Daily Juice Sports Betting Podcast, their most prominent prognosticator. An example pick: “Pirates to win against the Mets.” Visit BettingPros


Offers free sports picks and betting tips across all major US sports including NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. Their experts analyze trends, injuries, and other data points to provide well-researched picks. Saves time by providing daily picks from professional experts at Pickswise​ (Pickswise)

Sportsbook Review (SBR)

Sportsbook Review (SBR), established in 1999, is a well-known platform owned by SBR Network. It offers betting tips, predictions, and free picks for football, basketball, baseball, UFC, and boxing, with over 38,000 followers. James Bisson is SBR’s editor-in-chief. His best betting advice? “Stay in your lane. You’re much more likely to have success betting on sports you know, and focusing on finding angles and edges there.” An example pick: “Tigers to cover moneyline against the Orioles.” Visit SBR


OddsChecker, established in 1999 and owned by Oddschecker Global Media, offers daily picks, tips, and predictions across a variety of sports, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer, with over 113,000 followers. Follow leading expert Matt McCuen on X @DeadPresPicks. An example pick: “Grizzlies vs Jazz to go under on total.” Visit OddsChecker


Covers, founded in 1995 and owned by Covers Media Group Ltd., provides free betting picks and tips for football, basketball, baseball, tennis, UFC and golf. With over 45,000 followers, senior betting analyst Jason Logan has been with Covers since 2005 and is known for his NFL Underdogs column. An example pick: “Lakers to win against the Clippers.” Visit Covers

Action Network

Action Network, established in 2017, is a popular choice for bettors. Owned by Better Collective, it offers free betting predictions for football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and golf. With more than 223,000 followers, leading experts like Darren Rovell provide daily picks. An example pick: “Packers to win against the Bears.” Visit Action Network

Sports Betting Dime

Sports Betting Dime, established in 2012, offers picks on such sports as the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, NCAA basketball and football, UFC and soccer and has nearly 8,000 followers. Managing editor Sascha Paruk has been contributing picks to the site since 2014. An example pick: “Cardinals to cover moneyline against Nationals.” Visit Sports Betting Dime, launched in 2014, provides selections for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NBA, NCAA basketball and football, soccer, UFC, golf and boxing and has in excess of 8,000 followers. Bill Speros is a veteran journalist who is the main NFL prognosticator for An example pick: Dolphins to cover spread against the Chiefs. Visit 

Why We Don’t Recommend Buying Paid Picks and Predictions

We don’t recommend buying paid picks because their quality and reliability can vary widely, and many services lack proven success. The cost of these services can quickly add up without guaranteeing positive results.

It’s better to learn sports betting yourself by researching, analyzing data, and staying updated on trends. This not only saves money but also builds your skills and confidence over time. Use free resources like expert analysis from reputable websites and sports forums to improve your betting strategy.

How to Make Betting Predictions: Top Tips for New Jersey

Making betting predictions involves a mix of research, staying updated, and strategic thinking. Start by studying the teams and players involved, looking at their recent performances, strengths, and weaknesses. Check relevant statistics, head-to-head records, and other key metrics.

Stay updated with the latest news on injuries, team changes, and other factors that might affect the game. Also, consider the weather conditions for outdoor sports, as they can significantly impact the outcome.

In addition to research, analyze trends and monitor betting market movements. Look for patterns in recent games, such as winning streaks or consistent underperformance, and pay attention to how the odds change as the event approaches.

Managing your bankroll is crucial—set a budget for your bets and stick to it. Bet responsibly, avoiding the temptation to chase losses, and only wager what you can afford to lose. By combining thorough research with disciplined betting practices, you can improve your chances of making successful predictions.

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